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State-of-the-art endoscopy systems require electronics allowing for real-time, bidirectional data transfer. Proposed are 2.4-GHz low-power transceiver analog front-end circuits for bidirectional high data rate wireless telemetry in medical endoscopy applications. The prototype integrates a low-IF receiver analog front-end [low noise amplifier (LNA), double(More)
This paper presents a novel analog-digital mix-mode low power IC implemented in a CMOS process used for a bi-directional digital wireless endoscope capsule. The proposed system can implement the diagnoses of whole human digestive tract. It has some characterized features such as real time endoscopy image monitoring, adjustment of the view angle and focus,(More)
A 0.18um CMOS 2.4GHz LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) with digitally switchable capacitance has been designed to investigate its ability to compensate for performance variation across worst case process conditions. The effects of transistor model and passive component variation are first simulated to quantify the range of performance uncertainty. The use of(More)
A UHF RFID reader receiver is implemented in 0.18µm CMOS. The direct-conversion receiver consists of an LNA, passive mixers, baseband PGAs and LPFs. As high as 18.5dBm measured IIP3 of the RF front-end is achieved by using passive mixers driven by 25% duty cycle square wave LO. The receiver has a sensitivity of −77dBm in the normal mode and(More)
A 1.2V 0.1–3GHz software-defined radio (SDR) receiver front-end in 130nm CMOS is presented. The current-driven passive mixer with 25% duty-cycle LO and reconfigurable inverter-based RF transconductor array (TCA) is utilized to satisfy the low 1/f noise and high linearity requirements. The current buffer is implemented as a like Tow-Thomas(More)
This paper proposes a micro-system design for the wireless endoscopic capsule, which assures that the capsule has small size(less than 25mm<sup>*</sup>10mm), can implement the diagnoses of whole human digestive tract and provide real time endoscopic image monitoring. The designs of two core hardware parts inside the capsule, low power analog-digital(More)
This work presents the design and implementation can be stored in the recording device, which is mounted on the of a 2.4GHz low power wireless transceiver analog front-end waist of the patients, and be used by the doctor afterwards, or for the endoscopy capsule system in 0.25um CMOS process. the capsule can be controlled by the computer and the image The(More)