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Smart Grid is an important application in Internet Of Things (IOT). Monitoring data in large-scale smart grid are massive, real-time and dynamic which collected by a lot of sensors, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) and etc.. All on account of that, traditional centralized storage proposals aren't applicable to data storage in large-scale smart grid.(More)
RFID holds the promise of real-time identifying, locating, tracking and monitoring physical objects without line of sight, and can be used for a wide range of pervasive computing applications. To achieve these goals, RFID data have to be collected, filtered, and transformed into semantic application data. RFID data, however, contain false readings and(More)
The skyline query method in the wireless sensor network has been widely used in the field of environmental monitoring, the field is mostly related to the spatial distance. For the multidimension of space location, it brings enormous computational cost for the general skyline query method in terms of the property calculation. In order to improve the(More)