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UV damage activates cellular stress signaling pathways, causes DNA helix distortions and inhibits transcription by RNA polymerases I and II. In particular, the nucleolus, which is the site of RNA polymerase I transcription and ribosome biogenesis, disintegrates following UV damage. The disintegration is characterized by reorganization of the subnucleolar(More)
Micro RNAs (miRNA) are non-coding RNAs expressed in the cytoplasm as their mature, 21-22-nucleotide short forms. More recently, mature miRNAs have also been detected in the nucleus, raising the possibility that their spatial distribution may be more complex than anticipated. Here we undertook comprehensive systematic analyses of miRNA distribution in(More)
Small non-coding RNAs represent RNA species that are not translated to proteins, but which have diverse and broad functional activities in physiological and pathophysiological states. The knowledge of these small RNAs is rapidly expanding in part through the use of massive parallel (deep) sequencing efforts. We present here the first deep sequencing of(More)
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