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OBJECTIVE To investigate clinical therapeutic effect on early stage femoral head necrosis managed with allogeneic cortical bone cage support combining with autologous cancellous bone grafting through core decompression tunnel, and to discuss its effect on preventing femoral head collapse and influence factors. METHODS From January 2002 to December 2005,(More)
 Tumor regression in experimental systems has been linked to the activities of Th1 cells. It is, therefore, conceivable that Th2 cells interrupt the expression of tumor immunity since interleukin-4 (IL-4) and IL-10 inhibit the generation of Th1 from precursors and modulate the competence of antigen-presenting cells to activate this lymphocyte subpopulation.(More)
Defatting is an important procedure for the preparation of bone grafts because lipids in bone grafts strongly influence the osteointegration. Lipases have been widely used in different fields. However, study on the application to defatting process for bone grafts preparation has never been found so far. In this study, bone samples were treated respectively(More)
G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), one of the most versatile groups of cell surface receptors, can recognize specific ligands from neural, hormonal, and paracrine organs and regulate cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation. Gpr48/LGR4 is a recently identified orphan GPCR with unknown functions. To reveal the functions of Gpr48 in vivo, we(More)
The CD95/CD95 ligand (CD95L) system plays an important role in the induction of lymphoid apoptosis and has been implicated in the suppression of immune responses. In this system, two murine CD95L-transfected renca clones and a control renca clone transfected only with the vector were implanted into the subcapsule of the left kidney of Balb/c and Balb/c nude(More)
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the properties of fabricating rat tail type I collagen scaffolds cross-linked with genipin under different conditions. The porous genipin cross-linked scaffolds are obtained through a two step freeze-drying process. To find out the optimal cross-link condition, we used different genipin concentrations and various(More)
OBJECTIVE To fabricate a novel porous bioactive composite biomaterial consisting of poly lactic acid (PLA)-bone matrix gelatin (BMG) by using the supercritical carbon dioxide fluid technique (SC-CO2) and to evaluate its osteoinductive activity. METHODS The cortical bones selected from healthy adult donors were processed into BMG by the defatting,(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the development and quality control of modern tissue banks. METHODS The rules, regulations and the management literatures about tissue banks were extensively and comprehensively reviewed. RESULTS Tissue banks have a significant progress and are developing to concentration, industrialization and standardization gradually. Quality(More)
Chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in vitro usually requires the presence of growth factors in the culture condition. But many cost-effect methods can successfully fulfill this without addition of these cytokines. This article focuses upon the effect of non-growth factors on the chondrogenic differentiation of MSCs and the concise(More)
BACKGROUND Research and clinical applications have demonstrated that the effects of tendon allografts are comparable to those of autografts when reconstructing injured tendons or ligaments, but allograft safety remains problematic. Sterilisation could eliminate or decrease the possibility of disease transmission, but current methods seldom achieve(More)