Baowen Wang

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As existing id-based proxy blind signature scheme exist a common problem that the original signer can not revoke his delegation to a proxy signer whenever he wants. Combined with proxy signature and blind signature, the paper used bilinear map to construct an id-based proxy blind signature scheme with proxy revocation. It realizes the delegation revoke(More)
This paper presents a new fuzzy interpolative reasoning method in the sparse fuzzy rule bases based on so-called similarity relations of fuzzy sets. By this reasoning method, an inference consequence can be simply obtained, and is a normal and convex fuzzy set without any limitation, which shows the potential ability of the proposed method in real-world(More)
Fuzzy reasoning is the very important process in the intelligent systems. Very few papers address the research for interpolative reasoning under multidimensional sparse rules. Moreover, these methods sometimes can not guarantee the convexity of result. Nowadays, multidimensional sparse rules base focus on the premises composed of many fuzzy sets, but do not(More)
The non-isothermal thermogravimetric method (TGA) was applied to different chars produced from lignite (LN), sawdust (SD) and their blends at the different mass ratios in order to investigate their thermal reactivity under steam atmosphere. Through TGA analysis, it was determined that the most prominent interaction between sawdust and lignite occurred at(More)
When fuvy rule base is sparse, reference [I] proposed a fuzzy interpolative-type reasoning based on Lagrange's interpolation. This fuzzy reasoning method can guarantee the membership function o f the inference consequence to be of ~iamgular-fypeiiall ofmembership fyDEtiDllE d f u u y rules and an Observation are given by triangular-type when fuzzy rule base(More)
In order to forecast the stock market more accurately, according to the dynamic property for the stock market, propose the real time modeling forecast via dynamic recurrent neural network and use GA to study online, then it improves the network performance and better describes the dynamic characteristic of stock market. By forecasting Shanghai negotiable(More)
To satisfy the real-time requirement of k-path nearest neighbor (kPNN) query, the Voronoi-Based k-Path Nearest Neighbor (VBk-PNN) algorithm based on the pre-computed Voronoi-based Network Nearest Neighbor (VN<sup>3</sup>) is proposed in this paper. Depending on the pre-computation idea and using a di-Dijkstra's algorithm search scheme to acquire the(More)
In order to enhance the efficiency of information system&#x02019;s development, capture business components with high reusability, a business component deign method based on the feature matrix was proposed. Through analyzing the existing business models, a domain business model oriented to component analysis was proposed, the elements composite models were(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) is a family of endogenous single-stranded RNA about 22 nucleotides in length. Through targeting 3' UTR of message RNA (mRNA), they play important roles in post-transcriptional regulatory functions. For further research of miRNA function, the identification of more miRNA positive targets is needed urgently. Aiming at the high-dimensional(More)