Baowei Yu

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Soil water and salinity conditions of the riparian zones along the Tarim River, northwest China, have been undergoing alterations due to water use by human or climate change, which is expected to influence the riparian forest dominated by an old poplar, Populus euphratica. To evaluate the effects of such habitat alterations, we examined photosynthetic and(More)
The riparian forests along the Tarim River, habitats for Populus euphratica establishment, are subjected to frequent flooding. To elucidate adaptive strategies that enable this species to occupy the riparian ecosystem subjected to seasonal or permanent water-logging, we examined functional characteristics of plant growth, xylem water relations, leaf gas(More)
Fe 2+-H 2 O 2 Fenton system is widely applied in water treatment nowadays, but the acidification and sludge generation are crucial problems to be solved. Herein, we report that Fe 3 O 4 /TiO 2 /C nanocomposites (FTCNCs) were able to catalyze the decomposition of H 2 O 2 at neutral pH and can be applied in dye decoloration. FTCNCs were prepared by(More)
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