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A three-dimensional warping registration algorithm was created and compared to rigid body registration of magnetic resonance (MR) pelvic volumes including the prostate. The rigid body registration method combines the advantages of mutual information (MI) and correlation coefficient at different resolutions. Warping registration is based upon independent(More)
Numerical estimation of the size of the kidney is useful in evaluating conditions of the kidney, especially, when serial MR imaging is performed to evaluate the kidney function. This paper presents a new method for automatic segmentation of the kidney in three-dimensional (3D) MR images, by extracting texture features and statistical matching of geometrical(More)
In this study, we registered live-time interventional magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) slices with a previously obtained high-resolution MRI volume that in turn can be registered with a variety of functional images, e.g., PET, SPECT, for tumor targeting. We created and evaluated a slice-to-volume (SV) registration algorithm with special features for its(More)
A fully automatic, multiscale fuzzy C-means (MsFCM) classification method for MR images is presented in this paper. We use a diffusion filter to process MR images and to construct a multiscale image series. A multiscale fuzzy C-means classification method is applied along the scales from the coarse to fine levels. The objective function of the conventional(More)
Recent technological improvements have led to increasing clinical use of interface pressure mapping for seating pressure evaluation, which often requires repeated assessments. However, clinical conditions cannot be controlled as closely as research settings, thereby creating challenges to statistical analysis of data. A multistage longitudinal analysis and(More)
A fully automatic, multiscale and multiblock fuzzy C-means (MsbFCM) classification method with intensity correction for MR images is presented in this paper. We use a bilateral filter to process MR images and to build a multiscale image series by increasing the standard deviation of spatial function and reducing the standard deviation of range function. We(More)
Based on the Radon transform, a wavelet multiscale denoising method is proposed for MR images. The approach explicitly accounts for the Rician nature of MR data. Based on noise statistics we apply the Radon transform to the original MR images and use the Gaussian noise model to process the MR sinogram image. A translation invariant wavelet transform is(More)
We are investigating interventional MRI (iMRI) guided thermal ablation treatment of the prostate cancer. Functional images such as SPECT can detect and localize tumor in the prostate not reliably seen in MRI. We intend to combine the advantages of SPECT with iMRI-guided treatments. Our concept is to first register the low-resolution SPECT with a high(More)
PURPOSE Combined MR∕PET is a relatively new, hybrid imaging modality. A human MR∕PET prototype system consisting of a Siemens 3T Trio MR and brain PET insert was installed and tested at our institution. Its present design does not offer measured attenuation correction (AC) using traditional transmission imaging. This study is the development of(More)