Baotran Nguyen Vo

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A cluster randomized controlled trial was initiated in Kenya to determine if full integration (FI) of HIV care, including HAART, into antenatal care (ANC) clinics improves health outcomes among HIV-infected women and exposed infants, compared to a non-integrated (NI) model. This article examines ANC clients' satisfaction with and preferences regarding(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the proportions of glaucoma subtypes and risk factors for glaucoma in a large Japanese American clinic population. METHODS Medical records of patients of Japanese descent who visited 2 private ophthalmology clinics within the last 10 years were retrospectively reviewed. Glaucoma was diagnosed based on optic nerve findings and(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the prevalence and associations of asteroid hyalosis (AH) in a series of autopsy eyes. METHODS Retrospective review of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) autopsy eye database from 1965 to 2000 yielded 10,801 patients. The patients' medical histories were reviewed for evidence of diabetes mellitus, hypertension,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effectiveness of ibuprofen versus placebo in preventing acute mountain sickness (AMS) and high altitude headache (HAH). METHODS Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. RESULTS Two hundred ninety-four healthy Western trekkers were recruited on the Everest approach at 4280 m or 4358 m and randomly assigned to receive(More)
PURPOSE To compare optic disc size among Caucasian, Chinese, African, Filipino and Hispanic subjects recruited from a university-based general ophthalmology clinic. METHODS In this retrospective cross-sectional study, optic disc size was calculated from fundus photographs. Differences in age, sex and spherical equivalent among the ethnic groups were(More)
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