Baosong Wang

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Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) are molecular markers with great potential for plant genetic studies. With the development of high-throughput sequencing techniques, transcriptome sequencing projects provide valuable resources of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for developing SSRs. To investigate the variation of EST-SSRs in different trees, three large EST(More)
Salt in saline land is regarded as a kind of abiotic stress that limits the productivity of plants and their geographical distribution. To understand the mechanism of how shrub willow clones seedling respond to salt stress at the proteomic level, proteins extracted from seedling leaves of salt sensitive cultivar JW9-6 and salt tolerant cultivar JW2372 were(More)
A terahertz quasi-optical detector (QOD), consisting of a rectenna chip and a dielectric lens, is presented in this paper. The rectenna is a log-periodic antenna with a Schottky diode at the center, which is fabricated on GaAs substrate. A low cost dielectric lens is designed based on 3D printing technology. By using MLFMM algorithm, the dimensions of the(More)
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