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In data-based monitoring field, the nonlinear iterative partial least squares procedure has been a useful tool for process data modeling, which is also the foundation of projection to latent structures (PLS) models. To describe the dynamic processes properly, a dynamic PLS algorithm is proposed in this paper for dynamic process modeling, which captures the(More)
Dynamic principal component analysis (DPCA) has been widely used in the monitoring of dynamic multivariate processes. In traditional DPCA, the dynamic relationship between process variables are implicit and hard to interpret. To extract explicit latent factors that are dynamically correlated, a new dynamic latent variable model is proposed. The new(More)
Introduced in great detail about the principle of main circuit, sampling circuit, control circuit, drive circuit and protect circuit. Then the specific implementation steps of photovoltaic inverter system were given which based on TI company's digital signal processor (DSP)TMS320F2812. Described the method of selecting components. The DC/DC and DC/AC two(More)
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