Baoshan Wu

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Although various kinds of catalysts have been developed for aprotic Li-O2 battery application, the carbon-based cathodes are still vulnerable to attacks from the discharge intermediates or products, as well as the accompanying electrolyte decomposition. To ameliorate this problem, the free-standing and carbon-free CoO nanowire array cathode was purposely(More)
Free-standing activated carbon nanofibers (ACNF) were prepared through electrospinning combining with CO2 activation and then used for nonaqueous Li-O2 battery cathodes. As-prepared ACNF based cathode was loosely packed with carbon nanofibers complicatedly overlapped. Owing to some micrometer-sized pores between individual nanofibers, relatively high(More)
The lithium-sulfur primary batteries, as seldom reported in the previous literatures, were developed in this work. In order to maximize its practical energy density, a novel cauliflower-like hierarchical porous C/S cathode was designed, for facilitating the lithium-ions transport and sulfur accommodation. This kind of cathode could release about 1300 mAh(More)
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