Baoquan Geng

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The blasting earthquake waves characteristics is studied by the Fourier transform in this paper, the energy distribution of blasting vibration signals with short-time and non-stationary characteristics is analyzed by short-time Fourier transform. According to time-frequency properties of Fourier transform, the blasting vibration time signal is scanned with(More)
On the basis of computer network theory, we have designed the underground garage's monitoring system about temperature, humidity and toxic gas. The whole system consists of hardware and software. In this paper, we first introduced the principle of fuzzy control including its characteristics and important methods of applications. The experiment results of(More)
The quantum super magnets is researched by Green function theory in this paper, the problems in the quantum super magnets are settled by particle and spin Green function theory, especially settling the orderly magnetic of quantum. The application of Green function in the ferromagnetic and reverse magnetism and magnetic ferrous are maily studied.
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