Baoqing Zeng

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We investigate the effect of water adsorption on the electrical properties of graphene oxide (GO) films using the direct current (DC) measurement and alternating current (AC) complex impedance spectroscopy. GO suspension synthesized by a modified Hummer's method is deposited on Au interdigitated electrodes. The strong electrical interaction of water(More)
One-dimensional (1D) semiconducting nanoscale materials have attracted considerable attention because of their importance in understanding the fundamental properties of low dimensionality in materials as well as in nanodevice applications. Many methods, including vapor–liquid–solid (VLS), vapor–solid (VS), and solution-based, have been developed to(More)
We describe a novel route for the conversion of hexagonal Sb(2)Te(3) nanoplates into nanorings driven by growth temperature in a simple solvothermal process. The transmission electron microscopy was employed to investigate systemically the morphology, size, crystallinity, and microstructure of the as-prepared products. The experiments indicated that the(More)
We propose an optoelectronic model to investigate polymer solar cells with plasmonic nanoparticles. The optical properties of the plasmonic active layers, approximated by the effective medium theory, are combined with the organic semiconductor model. The simulation suggests the enhancement on short-circuit photocurrent is due to light concentration and(More)
Understanding the photoexcited carrier-relaxation actions in ultrasmall black phosphorus quantum dots (BPQDs) will play a crucial role in the fields of electronics and optoelectronics. Herein, we report the ultraviolet (UV) saturable absorption and ultrafast photoexcited carrier-relaxation dynamics of BPQDs. The ultrasmall BPQDs are synthesized using a(More)
Abstract—Electromagnetic coupling effects on a novel loop antenna in a TE011 circular cavity are studied theoretically and experimentally. This novel loop coupling antenna is developed for avoiding and suppressing the spurious modes in the TE011 circular cavity of the microwave permittivity measurement system. The operating principles and impedance of the(More)
We have studied the near-infrared photoluminescence properties of free-standing germanium nano-crystals (20 nm on average) and micro-crystals (60 µm on average) at 80-300 K. Two peaks were observed at ∼1.0 and ∼1.4 eV from both the nano- and micro-crystals. The integrated PL (I(PL)) intensity of the nano-crystals is about an order of magnitude stronger than(More)
Because of the large quantities of edges, graphene can serve as an efficient edge emitter for field emission (FE). Cesium iodide (CsI) coating was promising to enhance the electron emission and utilized in FE applications. In this work, FE of graphene sheets after electrophoretic deposition (ED) was studied. Electron emission property of GS was obviously(More)
The spark and compression ignition principles of, petrol and diesel internal combustion engines (ICEs) have, not advanced for a century. These do not lead to complete, combustion and hence result in high exhaust emission and, low energy efficiency. This paper presents a comprehensive survey on the attempts and developments of greener ignition, and(More)