Baoqing Liu

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The Schwarz alternating algorithm, which is based on natural boundary element method, is constructed for solving the exterior anisotropic problem in the three-dimension domain. The anisotropic problem is transformed into harmonic problem by using the coordinate transformation. Correspondingly, the algorithm is also changed. Continually, we analysis the(More)
The title Cu(II) complex, [CuBr(2)(C(21)H(15)N(3))]·0.5H(2)O, was obtained by the hydro-thermal reaction of copper(II) bromide, 4'-phenyl-2,2':6',2''-terpyridyl (4'-Ph-terpy or L) and sodium citrate in water in 31% yield. There are two unique complex mol-ecules and a water mol-ecule in the asymmetric unit. The Cu(II) cation is ligated by three N atoms of L(More)
The title complex, [Ag(2)(C(7)H(7)O(3)S)(2)(C(25)H(22)P(2))(2)]·H(2)O, was obtained by the reaction of silver toluene-sulfonate with diphenyl-phosphinomethane (dppm) in acetonitrile. There are two unique half-mol-ecules of the complex in the asymmetric unit, together with one water mol-ecule, which is disordered over two positions with site occupancy(More)
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