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Differentiation of human hepatic progenitor cells to functional hepatocytes holds great potential to develop new therapeutic strategies for liver disease and to provide a platform for drug toxicity screens and identification of novel pharmaceuticals. We report here that human fetal hepatic progenitor cells (hFHPCs) efficiently differentiate to(More)
We report herein a Rh(III)-catalyzed cyclization of N-nitrosoanilines with alkynes for streamlined synthesis of indoles. The synthetic protocol features a distinct internal oxidant, N-N bond, as a reactive handle for catalyst turnover, as well as a hitherto tantalizingly elusive intermolecular redox-neutral manifold, predicated upon C-H activation, for the(More)
The correct functioning of hepatocytes requires the establishment and maintenance of hepatocyte polarity. However, the mechanisms regulating the generation of hepatocyte polarity are not completely understood. The differentiation of human fetal hepatic progenitor cells (hFHPCs) into functional hepatocytes provides a powerful in vitro model system for(More)
A silver-mediated tandem protocol for the synthesis of quinolines involving the oxidative coupling/cyclization of N-arylimines and alkynes has been developed. We demonstrated that scenario-dependent metalation could occur either at the ortho C-H bond of an N-arylimine through protonation-driven enhancement of acidity or at the terminal C-H bond of an alkyne(More)
N-nitroso compounds are a versatile class of organic structures that allow expedient access to a diversity of synthetically useful architectures through demonstrated reactivities. We report herein the development of a Rh(III)-catalyzed N-nitroso-directed methodology for the ortho-olefination of arenes. The heightened reactivity endowed by the N-nitroso(More)
The Schwarz alternating algorithm, which is based on natural boundary element method, is constructed for solving the exterior anisotropic problem in the three-dimension domain. The anisotropic problem is transformed into harmonic problem by using the coordinate transformation. Correspondingly, the algorithm is also changed. Continually, we analysis the(More)
Let (X,d,K) be a cone b-metric space over a ordered Banach space (E, ) with respect to cone P. In this paper, we study two problems: (1) We introduce a b-metric ρc and we prove that the b-metric space induced by b-metric ρc has the same topological structures with the cone b-metric space. (2) We prove the existence of the coincidence point of two mappings T(More)
Since pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-21 and its receptor (IL-21R) are closely involved in regulating both innate and adaptive immune responses, it is conceivable that they may play important roles in the field of organ transplantation. IL-21/IL21-R regulates immune activities of CD8+ T cells, Tfh cells, Th17 cells, B cells, NK cells, dendritic cells and(More)
for B 0 (t, x), B ∞ ∈ L ∞ ((0, 1) × R;GLs(R)). Here and below, we use H󸀠 to denote the first derivative of H with respect to x ∈ R. A quantitative way to measure the twisting is given by the Maslov-type index. As in [1, 2], an index for the second-order and first-order linear Hamiltonian systems was defined and developed in [3] for the study of linear(More)