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When pursuit eye movement is guided by a light spot which moves at the same velocity as that of a drifting grating, the reciprocal of the threshold contrast (TC) needed for the eye to perceive the grating moving at the same velocity as the auxiliary spot is defined as the guided pursuit contrast sensitivity (GP-CS). GP-CS and flicker (F-) or motion-CS are(More)
This paper deals with the problem of weak ratio rules between nonnegative real-valued data in transactional database. Such weak ratio rule is a weaker form than Flip Korn's ratio rule and has such a reasoning meaning that if the dollar amounts spent by a customer on bread are 2, then the dollar amounts spent by the customer on butter is at least 3. Through(More)
Aiming at the problem of the "semantic gap" and the "dimensionality curse", this paper discussed the model of cross-media retrieval. The methods of feature extraction and fusion of multimedia were given for processing high-dimensional data, and a nonlinear hybrid classifier based on support vector hidden Markov models was design for implementation semantic(More)
We discuss the set of all Boolean association rules. By defining special partial order on the set, we get an isomorphism between the set and a special finite ranked poset. Through discussing some basic properties of the finite ranked poset, we can clearly represent the hierarchical structure of all Boolean association rules. Meanwhile, the Hasse diagram of(More)
Attribute reduction algorithm for decision table based on Skowron’s discernibility matrix which is hardly decide the independence of the subset of condition attribute relative to decision attribute. In this paper, we firstly use item set lattice on Skowron’s discernibility matrix, and then search the item set lattice, at last use Boundary(More)
  • B C Jiang
  • 1988
To evaluate the observer's ability to self-monitor and correct accommodation voluntarily, a slit aperture, incorporating the Scheiner principle, was used as an accommodative stimulus. The Scheiner image consisted of two horizontal lines, which were perceived as superimposed into a single line when the observer's accommodation was conjugate with the optical(More)
Cohen-Sutherland clipping algorithm may produce the invalid intersection points, which will reduce the efficiency of the whole algorithm. To avoid the shortcoming, this paper has put forward an improved algorithm based on Cohen-Sutherland algorithm. Given a line segment, by the coordinate values of clipping window vertexes and the implicit equation of the(More)