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Running head: Adaptive approach to selecting flow partition exponent for multiple flow direction determination 3 Acknowledgements: the University of Wisconsin-Madison is also appreciated. Abstract Most Multiple Flow Direction algorithms (MFD) use a flow partition coefficient (exponent) to determine the fractions draining to all downslope neighbors. The(More)
The effective use of electronic health records (EHRs) can improve the quality of health care services and reduce associated costs. Establishing interoperable EHR systems has been recognized as an important objective in many countries and regions. Here we propose a framework based on three guidelines-the HL7 v3 CDA R2, Basic Medical Data Sets of China (BDS),(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the characteristics of low bone mass in amenorrhea patients with elevated follicular stimulating hormone (FSH). METHODS Amenorrhea patients with elevated FSH: Primary amenorrhea 18 cases, secondary amenorrhea 171 cases and age matched controls with normal menstruation, 180 cases. The descriptive parameters were: estrogen, alkaline(More)
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