Baolong Guo

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A novel multifocus image fusion algorithm based on contourlet transform and region statistics was proposed. For good properties of multiscale, localization, directionality and anisotropy, the multifocus source images are first decomposed using contourlet transform. Fusion operations based on region statistics are implemented for all subbands in each scale(More)
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image is usually contaminated by speckle noise due to random interference of electromagnetic waves. To effectively solve this problem, a novel speckle suppression algorithm for SAR image was proposed. The algorithm combines the multiscale geometric analysis tool: contourlet transform and an improved adaptive shrinkage(More)
In this paper, we extend image enhancement techniques based on the retinex theory imitating human visual perception of scenes containing high illumination variations. This extension achieves simultaneous dynamic range modification, color consistency, and lightness rendition without multi-scale Gaussian filtering which has a certain halo effect. The(More)
A fast electronic video stabilization system based on layered bit-plane matching is presented, which includes global motion detection and error motion compensation. The inter-frame translation is estimated by multi-resolution pyramid matching with different bit-planes. To accelerate the search process, the initial search point is adaptively chosen based on(More)
Traditional interest points based image retrieval methods employed local features of interest points to describe image. The difference between local areas of interest points and the region of interest limited the retrieval accuracy. Considering the shape characteristic of interest points, this paper presented a new image retrieval method based on region of(More)
Robust real-time tracking of non-rigid objects is a challenging task. Particle filtering has proven successfully for non-linear and non-Gaussian estimation problems. The article presents the integration of mean shift vector of the moving object into particle filtering. Color distributions are applied as they are robust to partial occlusion, which are(More)
This paper is to present a defect detecting and locating method of tubular cylindrical conductor based on alternating current impedance measurement theory. A defect estimation can be made through the impedance measurement of some distance on the inner and the outer surfaces of the tubular cylindrical conductor. A defect in the thickness direction can be(More)
Wavelet neural network (WNN) is introduced into the field of digital image denoising due to the excellent local feature and adaptive ability. The procedure of denoising can be looked as an approximating procedure from noisy image to original image. The better WNN has approximation performance, the better denoising performance. Researches have shown that WNN(More)
Focusing on the fusion problem of the infrared image and the color visible image of the same scene, a novel image fusion algorithm based on the IHS transform and the curvelet transform is presented in this paper. Firstly, the color visible image is mapped from the RGB color space into the IHS color space and then the intensity component is attained.(More)
A capacitance-based sensor is presented to be a detector for particular automatic system in this paper. Firstly, sensing principle of the designed sensor is introduced. Then, three types of capacitance sensor in different shapes are designed and compared. the parameters affecting the sensor performance and sensitivities are discussed. Thirdly, the electric(More)