Baoling Huang

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Phonons in low-dimensional structures with feature sizes on the order of the phonon wavelength may be coherently scattered by the boundary. This may give rise to a new regime of heat conduction, which can impact thermal energy transport and conversion. Traditional methods used to investigate phonon transport in one-dimensional structures suffer from(More)
We isolated a novel strain D5 from nodules of Acacia confusa. Under strict sterile conditions the strain could successfully nodulate Acacia confusa, A. crassicarpa and A. mangium, with nitrogenase activity ranging from 18.90 to 19.86 nmol·g(-1)·min(-1). In the phylogenetic tree based on a complete 16S rRNA gene sequence, the sequence of strain D5 shared 99%(More)
MoS2 and other atomic-level thick layered materials have been shown to have a high potential for outperforming Si transistors at the scaling limit. In this work, we demonstrate a MoS2 transistor with a low voltage and high ON/OFF ratio. A record small equivalent oxide thickness of ∼1.1 nm has been obtained by using ultra high-k gate dielectric(More)
We have systematically investigated the in-plane thermal transport in Si thin films using an approach based on the first-principles calculations and lattice dynamics. The effects of phonon mode depletion induced by the phonon confinement and the corresponding variation in interphonon scattering, which may be important for the thermal conductivities of(More)
IC A IO N Due to the compatibility with large-area fabrication techniques and low fabrication costs involved, organic transistors have been actively researched and various kinds of chemical or physical sensors based on organics transistors have been developed. These sensors can be used for the detection of moisture, [ 1 ] glucose, [ 2 ] pressure, [ 3 , 4 ](More)
CoSb3-based skutterudites are promising intermediate-temperature thermoelectric materials and fundamental understanding of the thermal transport in CoSb3 is crucial for further improving its performance. We herein calculate the lattice thermal conductivity κL of CoSb3 with first-principles methods and conduct a comprehensive analysis on phonon mode(More)
Hemiberlesia pitysophila Takagi is an extremely harmful exotic insect in forest to Pinus species, including Pinus massoniana. Using both morphological taxonomy and molecular phylogenetics, we identified 15 strains of entomogenous fungi, which belong to 9 genera with high diversities. Surprisingly, we found that five strains that were classified as species(More)
Fig. S1 SEM pictures of the transferred MoS 2 flakes on the PZT substrate. (a) Some triangular MoS 2 flakes are merged during the growth. (b)A typical device with Au/Ti electrodes on a MoS 2 flake. We have fabricated PZT gated MoS 2 transistors with different channel dimensions and presented the transfer characteristics of several devices as following: a)(More)
Single-crystalline Si-based nanocomposites have become promising candidates for thermoelectric applications due to their prominent merits. Reducing the thermal conductivity κ without deteriorating the electrical properties is the key to improve their performance. Through non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, we show that κ of single-crystalline(More)
We investigate water infiltration pressure for hydrophobic nanochannels through molecular dynamics simulations. It is found that the entrance energy barrier significantly raises the infiltration pressure, which makes the classic Young-Laplace equation invalid for nanochannels. As the channel surface is tuned from superhydrophobic to hydrophobic, the(More)