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The problem, generic objectness proposal, aims to reduce the candidate windows for object detection tasks. The popular evaluation criterion for related methods is detection-rate/windows-amount(DR-#WIN), where DR is the percentage of groundtruth objects covered by proposal windows. An object is considered “covered” by a window only if the strict(More)
The network traffic matrix is widely used in network operation and management. It is therefore of crucial importance to analyze the components and the structure of the network traffic matrix, for which several mathematical approaches such as Principal Component Analysis (PCA) were proposed. In this paper, we first argue that PCA performs poorly for(More)
Current component reusability is not as high as previously expected. Although third-party component providers are in present, large quantity of reduplicative programming effort is still needed in system development process. As conventional component technologies are not flexible enough to deal with requirement diversity and variability, a new type of(More)
We propose a novel network traffic matrix decomposition method named Stable Principal Component Pursuit with FrequencyDomain Regularization (SPCP-FDR), which improves the Stable Principal Component Pursuit (SPCP) method by using a frequency-domain noise regularization function. An experiment demonstrates the feasibility of this new decomposition method. key(More)
In this paper, a novel texture feature GMACM, is presented according to the statistics of gradient angle cooccurrence in color images. Based on three different types of gradients defined in the RGB space, the corresponding GMACMs are introduced. With some well-designed color image classification experiments, it is shown that GMACMs outperform GLCM and Gabor(More)
Aiming at the problem that the existing workflow management systems are not effective in describing and establishing data flow, conceptions of interior data flow and exterior data flow are introduced in this paper. Based on analyzing characteristics of data flows, a new architecture of workflow data management in distributed environments is proposed. In the(More)