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The traditional k-means algorithm has sensitivity to the initial start center. To solve this problem, this paper proposed a new method to find the initial center and improve the sensitivity to the initial centers of k-means algorithm. The algorithm first computes the density of the area where the data object belongs to; then it finds k data objects, which(More)
Recent studies show much energy can be saved and the capacity of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can be significantly increased when route nodes can have variable transmission ranges. However, this will result some problems difficult to be dealt with. It is well known that in WSNs, energy can be saved by setting the redundancy nodes in sleeping mode along(More)
Low energy assumption is one of design challenges for data transmission for sensor network. In this paper, we firstly compare the total energy consumption rates of direct transmission protocol, hop-by-hop transmission protocol, direct-hop transmission protocol and energy-balanced transmission (EBT) approach by simulations, and identify the drawbacks of the(More)
Automatic learning resources recommendation has become an increasingly relevant problem: it allows students to discover new learning resources that matches their tastes, and enables e-learning system to target their learning resources to the right students. In this paper, we propose an automatic learning resources recommendation algorithm based on(More)
Automatic recommendation has become a popular research field: it allows the user to discover items that match their tastes. In this paper, we proposed an expanded autoencoder recommendation framework. The stacked autoencoders model is employed to extract the feature of input then reconstitution the input to do the recommendation. Then the side information(More)
Java language course is a professional course of computer science. Usually, the teacher encounters how to give learners insights into the language grammatical structure and how to find a proper way to help learners grasp a new kind of skill. To address this problem, learners' learning styles and competences should be focused on. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Low-cost tags are widely used, but have very limited storage space and computing power. In this paper, we propose an efficent lightweight radio-frequency identification (RFID) authentication protocol with strong trajectory privacy protection to balance the security and availability of RFID systems. In this protocol, tags only adopt pseudo-random number(More)
Recently, blending learning has attracted more and more researchers attention in the field of teaching and learning. However, there are many troubles in making it clear as teaching model is suitable for specific knowledge points and there are no fixed implementing pattern. In this paper, we propose a new teaching strategy for blending learning, and divide(More)
Vegetation classification methods of spectral data are very important for remote sensing fields. We can get essential information from remote data by classification. This paper proposes a method for vegetation classification, which uses a decision tree algorithm for this target. First, we analyze spectral characteristics of extracted features of vegetation(More)
With the development of blended learning, it has been widely applied in teaching process. However, in the context of blended learning, tutor are not easy to acquire learning process of students and to make good use of learner' behaviors records. Therefore, they cannot timely receive feedback and effectively perform evaluation based on traditional indicators(More)