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Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) is an important technique for the characterization of surface properties of solid materials. A standard method of surface characterization is that the surface dispersive free energy of the solid stationary phase is firstly determined by using a series of linear alkane liquids as molecular probes, and then the acid-base(More)
Surface Lewis acid-base properties are significant for polymers materials. The acid constant, K(a) and base constant, K(b) of many polymers were characterized by some researchers with inverse gas chromatography (IGC) in recent years. In this paper, the surface acid-base constants, K(a) and K(b) of 20 kinds of polymers measured by IGC in recent years are(More)
In this paper, studies were conducted in order to improve the calculation accuracy of acid-base constants measured by inverse gas chromatography. The conventional a·(γ(d)(l))(0.5) parameters of DCM (dichloromethane), TCM (trichloromethane), and EtAcet (ethyl acetate) were corrected as 185, 212, and 235 Å(2)(mJ/m(2))(0.5) by analyzing the relationship(More)
A nanosilver composite plant medium with a good antimicrobial capability was successfully prepared via a two-step method in this work. First, nanosilver particles were prepared in a silver nitrate (AgNO3) solution by using D-glucose as a reduction reagent at room temperature. The effect of AgNO3 concentration levels on the size of the nanosilver particles(More)
Based on the augmented Lagrangian strategy, we propose a projected gradient method for solving the high-order model in image restoration problems. Based on the Bermùdez and Moreno (BM) algorithm, the convergence of the proposed method is proved. We also give the relationship that the semi-implicit gradient descent method can be deduced from the projected(More)
and Applied Analysis 3 function. Since the edge detector function g : g u0 : 1/ 1 |∇ u0 ∗Gσ x | with Gσ x 1/2πσ2 exp − x2/2σ2 can depict the information of edges, we can employ it as a balance function; that is, we can apply the following model: min u β 2 ‖u − u0‖L2 ∣ ∣1 − gu∣∣BV ∣ ∣gu ∣ ∣ BV 2 1.7 to restore the noisy image 16 . Obviously, | 1 − g u|BV(More)
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