Baojun Tian

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According to the engineering theory analysis of the acupuncture manipulation, the paper puts forward the principle and method of the acupuncture manipulation based on the motion control, develops the acupuncture manipulation instrument on this foundation, provides a valid approach to the retrieval of experts acupuncture manipulation, and carries out the(More)
Acupuncture relies on the use of fine needles being inserted into specific points with varying amounts of manual or external stimulation. The gate control theory states that acupuncture closes the gate to pain and blocks pain perception in the brain via stimulation of large nerve fibers. The particular research develops a mechanical manipulation of(More)
Currently,modeling for software is mostly semiformal, such as UML(Unified Modeling Language).The main problem is difficult to analyze semantics and verify correctness for a vital system.CPN(Colored Petri Net)as modeling and verification method provides formal semantics and a number of analysis techniques and tools.This paper presents an approach of formal(More)
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