Baojun Jiang

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—An algorithm based on extended Kalman Filter applied to the sensorless PMSM drives to estimate rotor position and speed are described in this paper. The EKF is an optimal recursive estimation algorithm for estimating the states of dynamic nonlinear systems. The system simulation model is established in MATLAB/Simulink. And the sensorless PMSM drive system(More)
The conducted EMI disturbs the sensitivity device in current mode finally. This paper proposed a new common mode current suppression method after the transfer path of common mode current is analyzed in motor system. The proposed method is that the metal shielding layer with high conductivity is placed between power electronic device and heat sink. The(More)
—The time-domain and frequency-domain character of common-mode voltage in three-phase two level PWM-driven motor system is analyzed based on the detailed deduction of common-mode voltage expression in DC side and AC side. And the changes of common-mode voltage in motor side when using long cable between converter and motor is analyzed also. Theoretical(More)
In motor drive system, the high dv/dt and di/dt due to the fast switching of IGBT could bring serious EMI (electromagnetic interference) issue. This paper proposes an EMI analysis method which combines with the test and simulation based on finite-difference time-domain (FDTD). The excitation source of FDTD is obtained by testing EMI of drive system and is(More)
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