Baohua Lou

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In this work, we demonstrated a novel paper-based mediator-less and compartment-less biofuel cell (BFC) with small size (1.5 cm × 1.5 cm). Ionic liquid functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs-IL) nanocomposite was used as support for both stably confining the anodic biocatalyst (i.e., NAD(+)-dependent glucose dehydrogenase, GDH) for glucose electrooxidation(More)
Herein, one multifunctional AS1411-functionalized fluorescent gold nanoparticles (named NAANPs) is synthesized and successfully applied for both targeted cancer cell imaging and efficient photodynamic therapy (PDT). The NAANPs are obtained by functionalizing the gold nanoparticles with AS1411 aptamer and then bound with one porphyrin derivative(More)
1 Reagents and instruments FeCl3, anhydrous AlCl3, β-D-glucose, maltose, R-lactose and D-fructose were obtained from Beijing Chemical Reagent Company (Beijing, China), and the carbohydrate solutions were left at room temperature for 24 h before use. Al foil tape and conductive carbon ink were purchased commercially. Ru(bpy)3Cl6·6H2O, Luminol and glucose(More)
Herein, highly efficient solid-state ECL sensor was introduced for the first time onto the screen printed electrodes of the paper-based chips (PCs) based on the composite film of poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) functionalized graphene (PSSG) and Nafion. Attributed to the cooperative characteristics of both PSS and graphene, PSSG ensured both effective(More)
Herein, a multifunctional nanoarchitecture has been developed by integrating the branched poly(ethylenimine) functionalized graphene/iron oxide hybrids (BGNs/Fe3O4) and luminol capped gold nanoparticles (luminol-AuNPs). The luminescent luminol-AuNPs as an electrochemiluminescence marker can be assembled on the nanocarrier of BGNs/Fe3O4 hybrids efficiently(More)
Graphene-nanosheet-based highly porous magnetite nanocomposites (GN-HPMNs) have been prepared using a simple solvothermal method and used as an immobilization matrix for the fabrication of a solid-state electrochemiluminescence (ECL) sensor on paper-based chips. Highly porous Fe3O4 nanocrystal clusters were coated with acrylate and wrapped tightly on the(More)
Guanine proximity based fluorescence enhanced DNA-templated silver nanoclusters (AgNCs) have been reported and applied for bioanalysis. Herein, we studied the G-quadruplex enhanced fluorescence of DNA-AgNCs and gained several significant conclusions, which will be helpful for the design of future probes. Our results demonstrate that a G-quadruplex can also(More)
A novel visible multi-digit DNA keypad lock system was fabricated based on split G-quadruplex DNAzyme and silver microspheres. The final result of the keypad lock can be easily recognized by the naked eye and the number of inputs for the keypad lock can be flexibly adjusted. This molecular platform showed excellent scalability and flexibility.
A glucose/air biofuel cell (BFC) that can convert both chemical and light energy into electricity is described. Polyterthiophene (pTTh), a photoresponsive conducting polymer, serves as cathode and catalyzes the reduction of oxygen. Taking advantage of the good environmental stability and exceptional optical properties of pTTh, the assembled BFC exhibits(More)