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A fabrication method of a multifunctional hybrid material is achieved by using the insoluble organic nacre matrix of the Haliotis laevigata shell infiltrated with gelatin as a confined reaction environment. Inside this organic scaffold magnetite nanoparticles (MNPs) are synthesized. The amount of MNPs can be controlled through the synthesis protocol(More)
A new antireflective silica film with closed mesopores was successfully prepared for the optical elements used in vacuum of a high-power laser system. The ordered cagelike mesopores were formed with the direction of surfactant F127 and then closed by long-chain fluoroalkylsilane. The grazing incident x-ray diffraction and grazing incident small-angle x-ray(More)
A molecular understanding of the formation of solid phases from solution would be beneficial for various scientific fields. However, nucleation pathways are still not fully understood, whereby the case of iron (oxyhydr)oxides poses a prime example. We show that in the prenucleation regime, thermodynamically stable solute species up to a few nanometers in(More)
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