Baoguo Zhao

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Various dienes and a triene can be regioselectively diaminated at the internal double bond with good yields and high diastereoselectivity using di-tert-butyldiaziridinone (5) as the nitrogen source and Pd(PPh(3))(4) (1-10 mol %) as the catalyst. Kinetic studies with (1)H NMR spectroscopy show that the diamination is first-order in total Pd catalyst and(More)
Transition metal-catalyzed C-H amination at positions adjacent to double bonds and carbonyl groups is discussed in this critical review. While the focus will center on the recent developments of α-oxidative amination, some historical developments and mutually beneficial reports in the broader field of C-H amination will be discussed. C-H amination has(More)
The organometallic approach is one of the most active topics in catalysis. The application of NH functionality in organometallic catalysis has become an important and attractive concept in catalyst design. NH moieties in the modifiers of organometallic catalysts have been shown to have various beneficial functions in catalysis by molecular recognition(More)
This paper describes a catalytic asymmetric diamination process for terminal olefins at allylic and homoallylic carbons via formal C-H activation using di-tert-butyldiaziridinone as nitrogen source with a catalyst generated from Pd2(dba)3 and chiral phosphorus amidite ligand. A wide variety of readily available terminal olefins can be effectively diaminated(More)
A novel and efficient Cu(I)-catalyzed oxidation of alcohols has been achieved with di-tert-butyldiaziridinone as the oxidant under mild conditions. A wide variety of primary and secondary alcohols with various functional groups can be oxidized to aldehydes and ketones in high yields. The reaction proceeds under neutral conditions making it compatible with(More)