Baofeng Shi

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Economic development has resulted in a great threat to sustainability of human living environments. For sustainable development of the economy and the environment, green industry standards have gained preference. Proper evaluation of the green industry would elucidate its characteristics and provide a point of reference for regional green industrial(More)
City green economy plays an important role in the development of low-carbon economy and the achievement of sustainable development of economy, society and ecological environment. From the perspective of economy, society, environment and resources, the evaluation of the green economy in urban areas tends to offer us a new insight into the green economy of(More)
By the end of 2011, agricultural population in accounted for 48.73% in China. Also, farmers in China are dispersed and their financial information is incomplete, which leads to credit risk evaluation system of farmers in China is not sound at all. Most Chinese banks even have not established the rating system, so farmer credit risk rating system pressed for(More)
Path planning for aircrafts with both military and commercial applications is a complex problem that has gained much attention. Although many research have been presented to solve the problems, path planning that involve aircraft kinematic constraints still present computational challenges. Required Navigation Performance (RNP) is an important factor to(More)
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