Baofeng Huang

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Four pairs of XX and XY gonads from Nile tilapia were sequenced at four developmental stages, 5, 30, 90, and 180 days after hatching (dah) using Illumina Hiseq(TM) technology. This produced 28 Gb sequences, which were mapped to 21,334 genes. Of these, 259 genes were found to be specifically expressed in XY gonads, and 69 were found to be specific to XX(More)
To address the roles of doublesex and mab-3-related transcription factor 1 (Dmrt1), forkhead transcription factor gene 2 (Foxl2), and aromatase in sex differentiation of Southern catfish, the cDNA sequences of these genes were isolated from the gonads. Dmrt1a and Dmrt1b were found to be expressed in the gonads, being higher in the testis. A low expression(More)
Streptococcus iniae (S. iniae) is a major pathogen that causes considerable morbidity and mortality in cultured fish worldwide. The pathogen's ability to adapt to the host affects the extent of infection, hence understanding the mechanisms by which S. iniae overcomes physiological stresses during infection will help to identify potential virulence(More)
Streptococcus iniae is a major bacterium that causes invasive disease in cultured fish worldwide. The protection relies mainly on anti-microbial compounds and vaccines, and there is much interest in developing S. iniae vaccine based on conserved protein immunogens. Subcellular localization of protein has important influence on its immunogenicity. The(More)
The fox genes play important roles in various biological processes, including sexual development. In the present study, we isolated 65 fox genes, belonging to 18 subfamilies named A-R, from Nile tilapia through genome-wide screening. Twenty-four of them have two or three (foxm1) copies. Furthermore, 16, 25, 68, and 45 fox members were isolated from(More)
Members of the Sox gene family isolated from both vertebrates and invertebrates have been proved to participate in a wide variety of developmental processes, including sex determination and differentiation. Among these members, Sox30 had been considered to exist only in mammals since its discovery, and its exact function remains unclear. Sox30 cDNA was(More)
The three gonadotropin (GtH) subunit cDNAs, GtHalpha, FSHbeta and LHbeta, which contain complete open reading frames were isolated from Southern catfish (Silurus meridionalis Chen) ovary. RT-PCR revealed that GtHalpha, FSHbeta and LHbeta mRNA were expressed in ovary, female and male pituitaries, but not in testis. Ontogeny study showed that GtHalpha and(More)
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