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Automatic extracting protein–protein interaction information from biomedical literature can help to build protein relation network, predict protein function and design new drugs. This paper presents a protein–protein interaction extraction system BioPPIExtractor for biomedical literature. This system applies Conditional Random Fields model to tag protein(More)
Plus-strand RNA viruses contain RNA elements within their genomes that mediate a variety of fundamental viral processes. The traditional view of these elements is that of local RNA structures. This perspective, however, is changing due to increasing discoveries of functional viral RNA elements that are formed by long-range RNA-RNA interactions, often(More)
Translational readthrough of stop codons by ribosomes is a recoding event used by a variety of viruses, including plus-strand RNA tombusviruses. Translation of the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) in tombusviruses is mediated using this strategy and we have investigated this process using a variety of in vitro and in vivo approaches. Our results(More)
The genomes of plus-strand RNA viruses contain many regulatory sequences and structures that direct different viral processes. The traditional view of these RNA elements are as local structures present in non-coding regions. However, this view is changing due to the discovery of regulatory elements in coding regions and functional long-range intra-genomic(More)
Due to the poor scalability and intensive competition for computing resource in multi-core runtime system, how to efficiently exploit the advantages offered by multi-core processors has become an imminent challenge. Based on dynamic parallelism feedback strategy, we present an adaptive scheduling framework, named A-SYS, which can dynamically redistribute(More)
Recent developments in microprocessor design show a clear trend towards multi-core and many-core architectures. Nowadays, processors consisting of dozens of general-purpose cores are already available in the market, and with the rapid development of semiconductor technology and increasing computing demand, it will be very common to have a processor(More)
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