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RTP801 (also known as REDD1), a stress-related protein, is induced by several environmental stresses such as ischemia and cigarette smoke. Although ischemia can dramatically up-regulate RTP801 expression in brain ischemia, up to now, the exact relation between RTP801 and neuronal death in ischemia is poorly understood. In the current study, using oxygen and(More)
A novel compound of an imidazolium type of ionic liquid (IL) containing a biomimetic catecholic functional group normally seen in mussel adhesive proteins was synthesized. The IL can be immobilized on a silicon surface and a variety of other engineering material surfaces via the catecholic anchor, allowing the tribological protection of these substrates for(More)
Environment and vegetation cover in mining area are influenced by the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources. It needs dynamic monitoring and estimation by the help of satellite remote sensing technology. Taking SPOT-VGT NDVI as information source and considering the characteristics of mining areas in north China, this paper introduced how to(More)
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