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This paper presents the design procedure and modeling methodology for a four sided floating type of linear permanent magnet generator used in sea wave energy extraction applications. The hydraulic system of wave generation with buoy has been developed. Appropriate coupled magnetic-electric-mechanical models for the analysis of the linear permanent magnet(More)
A global optimization algorithm combining an adaptive response surface approximation of the objective function and experiment design strategy is presented. In the adaptive approximation, an optimal Latin hypercube sampling strategy based on multi-objective Pareto optimization is developed to obtain the sampling data in the design variable space, and(More)
This paper proposes a novel controllable reactor with a function of intrinsic magnetic state regulation based on the nanocomposite magnetic material. First, in order to analyze the conversion mechanism and preparation technology of this material, one mathematical model of hysteresis is established, and the corresponding relationship between the coercivity(More)
In this paper, the recently research results of assembly process's simulation of high-field permanent-magnetic flux source is presented. A 2D vector Jiles-Atherton magnetic hysteresis model is employed in magnetic field finite element analysis. Abnormal magnetization phenomena of permanent magnetic material during the assembly process are simulated and the(More)
A method of generating homogeneous magnetic field outside permanent magnet structure is developed, in which the relationship between the saddle point position and homogeneous region is investigated. A novel monohedral permanent magnet (PM) configuration is proposed to achieve the homogeneous field in target region of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)(More)
This paper utilizes a way of realizing the frequency control system based on co-simulation technology model built by Matlab, Simplorer and Ansoft software. Firstly, this paper built the co-simulation model using Matlab, simplorer and ansoft software. Secondly, this paper provides the control algorithm of the control system of the variable-frequency motor.(More)
The research on variable frequency system mainly focuses on the developing of system performance, while the negative effects of the system is ignored. The bearing currents issues are a typical negative effect. In this paper, a lumped common mode system model of a variable frequency motor driven by PWM inverter is proposed and the formulas of the key(More)
This paper presents a method to simulate abnormal magnetizations in high field permanent magnet mechanism. Abnormal magnetizations including local saturation, local demagnetization and rotational magnetization occur in the assembly process of high field permanent magnet mechanism. Combining an anisotropic vector Preisach model and finite element analysis,(More)
An omni-directional lower limbs rehabilitation training robot is designed to improve patient's locomotion, who suffers from impairment in walking ability after neurology injuries. By analyzing the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the robot, its motion control model is provided. A multi-body dynamic model of a full robot is established by using ADAMS(More)
A new method to solve the 3D transient electromagnetic field-circuit-movement coupled problem is described, in which the external circuits, nonlinear magnetic properties, eddy-current effects and movement are taken into account. The problem of moving boundary is handled by the interpolation movement interface method which is a kind of nonconforming movement(More)