Baochuan Pang

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The automated detection of cell nuclei, which is an important step in the pipeline of quantitative histopathological analysis, has received considerable attentions in recent years. However, biological variations, uneven staining and illumination, non-rigid deformations and touching or overlapping of the cell nuclei have made the detection procedure a major(More)
Fragile digital watermarking is one of the methods used for authentication of surveillance video. A fragile digital watermarking scheme is proposed, in which the watermark is made up of time information and camera ID, the secret key is generated based on the video feature, the watermark is embedded into the chromatism component of B frames. This(More)
An automated method that detects early cancerous specimens based on image analysis is described. After acquisition and noise reduction, the microscope images are segmented into individual cell nucleus, from which the feature vectors of nucleus are calculated. The dimensionality of the feature vectors is then reduced using a method combing F-Score and random(More)
In the study of quantitative cytology, the measurement of the DNA content in cell nuclear is the most important basis and necessary premise of cancer screening and diagnosis. Due to some unavoidable factors, certain errors may occur in the measurement of the DNA content through processing and analysis of the cell nuclei image. A new calibration approach(More)
In this paper, we present an automatic image stitching method for Virtual Microscopy (VM). The method aims to integrate a number of fields of view into a large image which captures the whole view of a biomedical specimen. The method aligns the images based on matching of local features. To assure matching accuracy, feature points are efficiently detected(More)
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