Bao-ju Zhang

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Tongue color provides important information in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis, but in the process of TCM inspection, the various surrounding environment and subjective effect of doctors will influence the correctness of diagnosis. The present article put forward a brand new thought to study TCM objectivity, that is to research the essence(More)
In order to improve the accuracy of spectroscopy analysis and reduce the modeling wavelength numbers, empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and successive projections algorithm (SPA) were applied together in the measurement of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) additive amount in flour by near infrared spectroscopy. Spectra of flour samples into which BPO were added were(More)
The technology of visible-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy for tongue inspection was used for the noninvasive prediction of red blood cell counts (RBC). Reflectance spectra on the tongue tips of 240 volunteers were collected, and the tongue picture was recorded at the same time. Samples were separated into two parts: calibration sample and prediction sample.(More)
The complex mixed solution is a common material form in all walks of life. It was difficult to achieve the desired results if the complex mixed solution was detected by the traditional spectral analysis method. The hyperspectral technology was taken to detect the complex mixed solution to improve the signal to noise ratio of the spectrum by utilizing the(More)
To improve the efficiency and accuracy of the dynamic spectrum data processing, the method of single-trial estimation was adopted. First, the rising edge of the whole band PPG was extracted, which was calculated by averaging superimposed collected photoelectric plethysmography (PPG) at all wavelengths as a template per single pulse; Second, this template(More)
In order to increase the accuracy of blood components measurement and enhance the stability of prediction model, the quantitative signal-noise-ratio (SNR) analysis of measuring instruments based on dynamic spectrum (DS) and preprocessing method was conducted. The SNR of DS is increased after adding boxcar integrator, decreasing wavelength revolution,(More)
Virtual internal hyperspectrum of body surface which can express and properly mix the information of skin's composition and structure was expected to apply in the human disease quick-diagnosis, but the weak detected signal was easily impacted by ambient light and dark current from the instrument, so square wave modulated by chopper disk was proposed to(More)
In order to overcome the defects of overlapping spectrum and low signal-to-noise ratio in the analysis of the complex mixed solution with the traditional spectral method, the authors introduce hyperspectral technique to the analysis of complex mixed solution in the present article. The hyperspectral technique can use the information of the analytes carried(More)
In the present paper, the authors proposed a method for component analysis of complex mixed solutions based on multidimensional diffuse reflectance spectroscopy by analyzing the information carried by spectrum signals from various optical properties of various components of the analyte. The experiment instrument was designed with supercontinuum laser(More)
Dynamic spectrum method was used to noninvasive measurement of human neutrophilic granulocyte percent for the first time. In vivo measurements were carried out in 21 healthy volunteers, and parital least-squares was used to establish the calibration model of subjects' neutrophilic granulocyte percent values against dynamic spectrum data. Twenty one samples(More)