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Tongue color provides important information in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) diagnosis, but in the process of TCM inspection, the various surrounding environment and subjective effect of doctors will influence the correctness of diagnosis. The present article put forward a brand new thought to study TCM objectivity, that is to research the essence(More)
In order to improve the accuracy of spectroscopy analysis and reduce the modeling wavelength numbers, empirical mode decomposition (EMD) and successive projections algorithm (SPA) were applied together in the measurement of benzoyl peroxide (BPO) additive amount in flour by near infrared spectroscopy. Spectra of flour samples into which BPO were added were(More)
The technology of visible-infrared (Vis-NIR) spectroscopy for tongue inspection was used for the noninvasive prediction of red blood cell counts (RBC). Reflectance spectra on the tongue tips of 240 volunteers were collected, and the tongue picture was recorded at the same time. Samples were separated into two parts: calibration sample and prediction sample.(More)
Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) algorithm combined with the theory of dynamic spectrum extraction at frequency domain was applied to the noninvasive measurement of hemoglobin concentration. Fifty seven cases' photoplethysmography was collected in the range of 636.98-1086.86 nm in vivo. After the denoising preprocess through the EMD method for each(More)
Adding benzoyl peroxide (BPO) into wheat flour was prohibited by the relevant government departments since May 1, 2011. And it is of great importance to detect BPO additive amount in wheat flour quickly and accurately. Part of BPO which was added into wheat flour will be deoxidized into benzoic acid, and this make it complex to detect the original BPO(More)
Virtual internal hyperspectrum of body surface which can express and properly mix the information of skin's composition and structure was expected to apply in the human disease quick-diagnosis, but the weak detected signal was easily impacted by ambient light and dark current from the instrument, so square wave modulated by chopper disk was proposed to(More)
We focus on a system consisting of an elastic part and a damageable part in series, to study the relaxation creep rupture of a heterogeneous system subjected to a uniaxial constant strain applied instantaneously. The viscoelastic behavior of the damageable part is modeled by a fiber bundle model consisting of Kelvin-Voigt elements and global load sharing is(More)
The multi-dimensional diffuse transmittance spectrums were collected by the traditional near-infrared transmittance method combined with a scanning device, and then used for component analysis of the complex mixed solution. A xenon light, an electric control translation stage and a spectrometer were gathered to set up a device; Intralipid-20%, India-ink and(More)
In order to increase the accuracy of blood components measurement and enhance the stability of prediction model, the quantitative signal-noise-ratio (SNR) analysis of measuring instruments based on dynamic spectrum (DS) and preprocessing method was conducted. The SNR of DS is increased after adding boxcar integrator, decreasing wavelength revolution,(More)
Hyperspectral was used for tongue inspection in the present work to resolve the problem that information of current research for tongue inspection was inadequate. A hyperspectral acquisition system based on X-Y scanning galvanometer was also proposed due to the high cost of the current hyperspectral apparatus. An experiment was made to test the ability of(More)