Bao-feng Chai

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In higher eukaryotes, RF-I (class I release factor) [eRF1 (eukaryotic release factor 1)] is responsible for stop codon recognition and promotes nascent polypeptide release from the ribosome. Interestingly, two class I RFs, eRF1a and eRF1b, have been identified among the ciliates Euplotes, which are variant code organisms. In the present study, we analysed(More)
The complete chloroplast (cp) genome of Caragana microphylla (Fabaceae) has been characterized from Illumina pair-end sequencing. The whole cp genome is relatively short (130,029 bp) because it lacks an inverted repeat (IR) region. It comprises 110 genes, including four unique rRNAs, 30 tRNAs, and 76 protein-coding genes. Similar to other closely related(More)
Isolation and characterization of mesenchymal stem-like cells from human nucleus pulposus tissue. Large numbers of individuals experience low back pain (LBP) during their lifetime [1,2]. LBP excruciates approximately 80% aging population and causes significant so-cio-economic problem [3,4]. LBP often originates from the intervertebral disc degeneration(More)
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