Bao-dong Sun

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OBJECTIVE To study the preventive effect of chitosan on capsular contracture after implantation of silicone gel-filled mammary implants in rats. METHODS 18 SD female rats were divided into three groups randomly. Small silicone gel-filled mammary implants were implanted under each side of latissimus dorsi muscle. Chitosan was injected into left cavities as(More)
We administered an adenovirus-adeno-associated virus (Ad-AAV) vector encoding human acid alpha-glucosidase (hGAA) to acid alpha-glucosidase-knockout (GAA-KO) mice on day 3 of life by gastrocnemius injection. In contrast to previous results for muscle-targeted Ad vector in adult GAA-KO mice, the muscles of the hindlimb showed reduced glycogen content and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the method of vulvar reconstruction after extended vulvectomy. METHODS Retrospectively, fourteen cases of vulva carcinoma were treated by radical wide local excision, and the defects were repaired with anterolateral thigh flap and inferior pedicle rectus abdominal myocutaneous flap. After the flap was harvested, it was put on the(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce a operation method of repairing the abdominal defect with abdominoplasty and polypropylene. METHODS 27 patients were treated with abdominoplasty and polypropylene. RESULTS Follow up 3 - 20 months, the focus in inferior abdominal wall were removed thoroughly. The incision is cure with A level. No weakness, bulk, hernia and(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to search for a perfect treatment for the complications after polyacrylamide hydrogel injection for augmentation mammaplasty. METHODS 48 patients who accepted polyacrylamide hydrogel injection for augmentation mammaplasty were included in this study. Operations were performed for the complications of polyacrylamide(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe clinical therapeutic effect of scalp-acupuncture combined with exercise therapy on spastic cerebral palsy. METHODS Eighty children of spastic cerebral palsy were randomly divided into a scalp-acupuncture plus exercise therapy group and a exercise therapy group, 40 cases in each group. The scalp-acupuncture plus exercise therapy group(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate the pattern of the blood supply and the nerve distribution of breast, in order to find a way for short-scar reduction mammaplasty. METHODS Twelve adult women cadavers were investigated for the vascularture of the anterior thorax and the nerve distribution of the breasts by using the blood vessel casting, specimen transparency(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the biomechanical properties of different polypropylene meshes, so as to select the proper mesh for breast ptosis correction as inner bra. METHODS Mini-pigs were used as animal model. Four different polypropylene meshes were implanted subcutaneously at abdomen. 90 d later, the specimens were taken out for biomechanical study. (More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce a new method for enlarging the survival area of an expanded flap. METHODS After the skin expander was inflated with enough injection, the first delaying was performed. In the operation, two incisions were made in the skin and subcutaneous tissue superficial to the expander capsule on both sides of the long axis of the expanded flap.(More)
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