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Tanshinone IIA (T2A), a derivative of phenanthrenequinone and also the major active ingredient of Danshen, has been paid extensive attention as a promising cancer therapy for its potential anti-cancer activities. In this study, the apoptosis and autophagy of human prostate cancer PC-3 cells were observed after 5 μM T2A treatment, as well as their relevance.(More)
Microarrays have been explored for deriving molecular signatures to determine disease outcomes, mechanisms, targets, and treatment strategies. Although exhibiting good predictive performance, some derived signatures are unstable due to noises arising from measurement variability and biological differences. Improvements in measurement, annotation, and(More)
MOTIVATION Small GTPase RhoA regulates cell-cycle progression via several mechanisms. Apart from its actions via ROCK, RhoA has recently been found to activate a scaffold protein MEKK1 known to promote ERK activation. We examined whether RhoA can substantially affect ERK activity via this MEKK1-mediated crosstalk between RhoA and EGFR-ERK pathway. By(More)
Manageability, the theme for IMS to compete with existing heterogeneous Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, runs over every network element in NGN for security and quality of experience (QoE). Further decomposition of IMS Core Network (CN) has resulted in a rapid increase of signaling traffic. At the same time, the ever rising of applications over signaling,(More)
Aberrant expression of the Cullin 4A (CUL4A) is found in many tumor types, but the functions and mechanism of CUL4A in prostate cancer (PCa) development and progression remain largely unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the possible role of CUL4A in prostate tumorigenesis. Immunohistochemistry was used to examine CUL4A expression in human PCa(More)
With the continuous development of computer science and technology, as a new means of audition, stereoscopic film becomes more and more popular. But the cost of traditional production method is too high. To reduce the cost, we presented a workstation to achieve the three-dimensional simulation, and output the depth of field at the same time. By using this(More)
The operation of enterprise quality credit classified supervision was the core operation of enterprise quality credit information data system. By expounding the system structure of B/S model, the system development thought based on B/S model was been brought forward. Moreover, the system operation description, function description, data description and(More)
GPS is widely used by civil aviation, financial institutions and transport sector and other civilian sectors, as well as for military purposes, thus the research on GPS spoof is of considerable merits. This paper analyzes the roots of forgeability and dupability of civil GPS signal; then, according to the characteristics of GPS civil signal, four forgery(More)
Based on detailed expatiation of system development model, the development model and its structure of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) was been discussed according to the development traits of enterprise quality credit information system. Combined with system operation content, the system function framework was been built to form the MDA-based system(More)
The results from most of image fusion methods are evaluated using single criteria, which has its limitations. A quantitative method is proposed to evaluate several shift invariants by using three fusion approaches, mainly the discrete wavelet frames, steerable pyramid, and dual-tree complex wavelet transform, respectively. The performances and features of(More)