Bao Jian Wang

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Fetal development of human deep back muscles has not yet been fully described, possibly because of the difficulty in identifying muscle bundle directions in horizontal sections. Here, we prepared near-frontal sections along the thoracic back skin (eight fetuses) as well as horizontal sections (six fetuses) from 14 mid-term fetuses at 9-15 weeks of(More)
The fetal gallbladder (GB) is embedded in a deep fossa surrounded by the liver parenchyma. Using 15 specimens with intrahepatic GB (crown-rump length 45-92 mm; approximately 9-13 weeks of gestation), we assessed the fetal topographical anatomy of the hepatocystic triangle and the porta hepatis. The cystic duct displayed a long upward course (0.9-4.5 mm(More)
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