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Pharmacological activities of virosecurinine (Vse) and securinine (Sec) were studied. The results showed that acute toxicity of Vse was 1/13.6 that of Sec, and Vse had no convulsive effects on rats or frogs, while Sec had. The results also showed that Vse and Sec could elevate blood pressure and excite respiration in cats.
With the gaining of popularity of concept of distribution generation (DG) and sustainable development, DG with renewable energy (RE) sources is one of the possible ways for building energy supply in the future. The current "DC-AC-DC" route from DG to DC loads via inverters may not be rational from the viewpoint of system simplicity and energy efficiency, a(More)
We present a case of odontogenic carcinoma with ghost-cell keratinization of the right maxilla, with a history of 23 years after initial treatment. Within this period, multiple local recurrence, as well as metastasis to axilla, brain, and lung, was noted. Several attempts at resection of the primary lesion were unsuccessful at achieving local control, even(More)
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