Bao Hua Michael Liu

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Current source based gate models achieve orders of magnitude of improved accuracy than the previous voltage source and effective load capacitance based gate models. Increasingly significant variability in DSM and nanometer scale VLSI designs calls for statistical analysis and optimization. In this paper, we propose a more efficient statistical gate level(More)
This paper discusses some mat hematical issues related to empirical mode decomposition (EMD). A B-spline EMD algorithm is introduced and developed for the convenience of mathematical studies. The numerical analysis using both simulated and practical signals and application examples from vibration analysis indicate that the B-spline algorithm has a(More)
so that the gray-scale graphs can be viewed more clearly. This paper presents a fast adaptive time-frequency analysis method for dealing with the signals consisting of stationary components and transients, which are encountered very often in practice. It is developed based on the short-time Fourier transform but the window bandwidth varies along frequency(More)
This paper presents several scheduling/coscheduling techniques employed in some recent research projects. Two types of local scheduling, proportional-sharing scheduling and predictive scheduling are introduced here. With proportional-share scheduling, the resource consumption rights of each active process are proportional to the relative shares that it is(More)
Feature extraction of a disturbed power signal provides information that helps to detect the responsible fault for power quality disturbance. A precise and faster feature extraction tool helps power engineers to monitor and maintain power disturbances more efficiently. This paper uses adaptive harmonic wavelet transform as a power quality feature extraction(More)
Circulating fluidized beds (CFB) are widely used in energy industries for increasing the efficiency and reducing environment pollution. CFB modeling and identification have significant importance for operation optimization. Owing to the nonlinear nature of CFB operation, online CFB modeling and identification are highly desirable so that the model can(More)
VLSI systems are subject to increasingly prevalent defects and significant parametric variations as technology scales down into the nanometer domain. Reconfigurable computing platforms provide an excellent foundation to achieve reliable and optimized VLSI systems. Most existing reconfigurable computing platform defect detection and diagnosis methods target(More)
We unite the conventional analog/RF design objectives such as design centering and performance targeting and propose a generalized analog/RF design objective. We propose expected performance centering, i.e., to maximize the expected performance margin of a circuit under process and environmental variations for topology selection with performance(More)