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Treating peripheral nerve defects represents a clinical challenge, and nerve conduits lacking an internal scaffold lead to limited large nerve gap regeneration. Here, we bridged 10-mm sciatic nerve defects in rats with a chitosan conduit filled with 0, 0.5, or 1.0 mg of simvastatin in Pluronic F-127 hydrogel. We assessed subsequent nerve regeneration using(More)
Three-dimensional porous titanium alloys printed via electron beam melting have low stiffness similar to that of cortical bone and are promising scaffolds for orthopedic applications. However, the bio-inert nature of titanium alloy is poorly compatible with bone ingrowth. We previously observed that simvastatin/poloxamer 407 thermosensitive hydrogel induces(More)
In the security constrained dispatch, congestion management, etc, the computation of line flows is important work. It is not only necessary to meet the need of real-time, but also to guarantee the accuracy. This paper, basing on the observation of a lot of line flow data, deduces the linear relationship between generation and its active power components on(More)
Large scale wind power integration is the main way of wind power development in China. In simulation research, a large scale wind farm is necessary equivalent to be one aggregated model. The existing equivalence methods only consider the external characteristics of wind farm, and ignored the coupling relationship between units and power system. Through a(More)
As an effective method of saving energy and avoiding market risks, generation rights trade has been carried out in some provinces and regional power companies. This paper analyzes the existing generation rights trade models and their algorithms, points that the results calculated by high-low match mode are not the optimal, because the trade order is(More)
To compare the efficacy of once-weekly and once-daily subcutaneous injections of teriparatide (recombinant human parathyroid hormone 1-34) on fracture healing, 50 adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to a unilateral tibia fracture and received internal fixation with a Kirschner needle. Based on the injection dose and frequency, the rats were(More)
It is difficult to study bone in vitro because it contains various cell types that engage in cross-talk. Bone biologically links various organs, and it has thus become increasingly evident that skeletal physiology must be studied in an integrative manner in an intact animal. We developed a model using local intraosseous small interfering RNA (siRNA)(More)
The generation rights trade could make the losses change, which should be compensated by the trade participants, so the fair loss compensation principle should be established, it could not only help for confirming the traders' responsibilities, but also help the generation rights trade to develop very quickly. This paper thinks that the key of solution is(More)
Researching on the power supply path is one aspect of analyzing gird physics topology structure, the paper aims to discuss the power supply paths which would describe the power supply process from a certain source, based on power components theory. In general, path search method is divided into depth-first search and breadth-first search. Improving on the(More)
The Steady current is different from pulse currents in frequency and magnitude. The interferences in the work environment of the currents transformer is greater than the lab. It is important to understand the Rogowski coil's character of measuring the 50Hz currents and the measure error. This paper presents a model of Rogowski coil based on the control(More)
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