Bao-Dong Cui

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An enantioselective synthesis of quaternary 3-aminooxindoles with 3-monosubstituted 3-aminooxindoles as nucleophiles is first presented. A Michael addition reaction of 3-monosubstituted 3-aminooxindoles to nitroolefins has been developed with a bifunctional thiourea-tertiary amine as a catalyst to afford a range of 3,3-disubstituted oxindoles bearing(More)
A range of 3-pyrrolyl-3,3'-disubstituted oxindoles were smoothly obtained via the reaction of 3-pyrrolyl-oxindoles with nitroalkenes using an organocatalyst. The usefulness of the protocol was also demonstrated by the versatile conversions of the Michael adducts into other functionalized 3,3'-disubstituted oxindoles, as well as into the analogues of some(More)
An efficient [3 + 2] cycloaddition of 3-ylideneoxindoles with in situ generated CF2HCHN2 for the syntheses of spirooxindoles has been developed. This methodology gives access to a range of relatively complex spirooxindoles featuring a CF2H group and three contiguous stereogenic centers in up to 84% yield and 99 : 1 trans/cis.
An efficient method for the direct construction of two classes of spirocyclic oxindoles by the reactions of 3-hydroxyoxindoles/3-aminooxindoles and (Z)-olefinic azlactones through a tandem Michael addition-ring transformation process has been developed. With DBU as the catalyst, a range of spiro-butyrolactoneoxindoles and spiro-butyrolactamoxindoles,(More)
An efficient and unprecedented organocatalytic asymmetric reaction of 3-pyrrolyl-oxindoles with α,β-unsaturated aldehydes to generate spirocyclic oxindole compounds was developed. The reactions were catalyzed by diphenylprolinol silyl ether and 2-fluorobenzoic acid via an asymmetric Michael/Friedel-Crafts cascade process, followed by dehydration with(More)
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