Bao Dinh Truong

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Actin, one of the most abundant proteins in the eukaryotic cell, also has an abundance of relatives in the eukaryotic proteome. To date though, only five families of actins have been characterized in bacteria. We have conducted a phylogenetic search and uncovered more than 35 highly divergent families of actin-like proteins (Alps) in bacteria. Their genes(More)
Alp7A is a bacterial actin from Bacillus subtilis plasmid pLS20 that functions in plasmid segregation. Alp7A's function requires that it assemble into filaments that treadmill and exhibit dynamic instability. These dynamic properties require the two other components of the alp7A operon, the downstream alp7R gene and the upstream alp7C sequence, as does the(More)
Combining epidemiological information, genetic characterization and geomapping in the analysis of influenza can contribute to a better understanding and description of influenza epidemiology and ecology, including possible virus reassortment events. Furthermore, integration of information such as agroecological farming system characteristics can provide new(More)
Economic evaluations are critical for the assessment of the efficiency and sustainability of animal health surveillance systems and the improvement of their efficiency. Methods identifying and quantifying costs and benefits incurred by public and private actors of passive surveillance systems (i.e. actors of veterinary authorities and private actors who may(More)
A study was conducted between May 2013 and August 2014 in three provinces of Vietnam to investigate financial impacts of swine diseases in pig holdings in 2010-2013. The aim of the study was to quantify the costs of swine diseases at producer level in order to understand swine disease priority for monitoring at local level. Financial impacts of porcine(More)
The EMPRES-i genetic module: a novel tool linking epidemiological outbreak information and genetic characteristics of influenza viruses Filip Claes1,y, Dmitry Kuznetsov2,y, Robin Liechti2,y, Sophie Von Dobschuetz, Bao Dinh Truong, Anne Gleizes, Daniele Conversa, Alessandro Colonna, Ettore Demaio, Sabina Ramazzotto, Fairouz Larfaoui, Julio Pinto, Philippe Le(More)
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