Bao-Cai Dong

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Many have hypothesized that cell death in Parkinson's disease is via apoptosis and, specifically, by the mitochondrial-mediated apoptotic pathway. We tested this hypothesis using a mouse dopaminergic cell line of mesencephalic origin, MN9D, challenged with the Parkinsonism-causing neurotoxin MPP+ (1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion). Apoptosis was the main(More)
Substantial evidence strongly implies that sensory gating P50 (also called P50 auditory evoked potential, P50) and dopaminergic neurotransmitters are related. In animal experiment, P50 can be recorded in an awake and quiet state with freedom of movement. Until now there is lack of animal experimental data on the supportive effect of estrogen on function of(More)
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