Banu Sundar

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Case 1. A girl who had been investigated in two hospitals for recurrent attacks of chest infection and episodes of abdominal distension dating back to birth. Barium swallow examinations at 10 and 15 months were reported as normal. Finally, an oesophagogram, with the dye injected through a catheter placed in the oesophagus, showed tracheal spill through a(More)
PURPOSE We examined the incidence of seizures following ischemic stroke in a community-based sample. METHODS All subjects with incident ischemic strokes in the Framingham Original and Offspring cohorts between 1982 and 2003 were identified and followed for up to 20 years to determine incidence of seizures. Seizure-type was based on the 2010 International(More)
Amongst various mechanisms of presyncopal events, posterior circulation disease needs to be considered. This particular mechanism has been underrecognized. We describe a case of a 76-year-old patient with recurrent posterior circulation TIAs, presenting as recurrent prolonged presyncopal events.
OBJECTIVE To examine if statins have an effect on small nerve fibers. METHODS This retrospective study evaluated the effect of statins in pure small-fiber neuropathy (SFN). Outcome measures were symptom scales (numbness, tingling, and autonomic symptoms), skin biopsies assessing epidermal nerve fiber density (ENFD), sweat gland nerve fiber density(More)
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