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The primary role of the thyroid gland is to help regulation of the body's metabolism. The correct diagnosis of thyroid dysfunctions is very important and early diagnosis is the key factor in its successful treatment. In this article, we used four different kinds of classifiers, namely Bayesian, k-NN, k-Means and 2-D SOM to classify the thyroid gland data(More)
Software testing is a time-consuming and expensive process. Software fault prediction models are used to identify fault-prone classes automatically before system testing. These models can reduce the testing duration, project risks, resource and infrastructure costs. In this study, we propose a novel fault prediction model to improve the testing process.(More)
Turkish is one of the widely used and relatively difficult natural language for machine processing. One of the challenges in Turkish is the temporal logic and processing the time of events. For the Latin family natural languages, there are quite successful solutions like TimeML which is built on the Reichenbach tense analysis and Allen " s temporal logic.(More)