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We develop a new model of multi-product …rms which invest to improve both the quality of their individual products and of their brand. Because of ‡exible manufacturing, products closer to …rms’core competence have lower costs, so they produce more of them, and also have higher incentives to invest in their quality. These two e¤ects have opposite(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to analyse the genetic and non genetic risk factors for cisplatin ototoxicity. METHODS This study was conducted on 72 children who received cisplatin based chemotherapy. Brock and Muenster classifications were used to evaluate ototoxicity seen in these children. 6 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP); ERCC1 rs 11615,(More)
Dance and movement therapy are consisted of music, easy exercises and sensorial stimulus and provide drugless treatment for the depression on low rates. In this study, it has been aimed to examine the effect of dance over the depression. A total of 120 healthy male and female conservatory students ranged from 20 and 24 ages volunteered to participate in(More)
Using firm-level data of more than 17,000 firms investing in 38 developing economies we analyze the location choice of multinational enterprises (MNE). The analysis allows identification of the factors that influence the location choice of MNEs, with a focus on how the results vary across different sectors. The nested logit and conditional logit framework(More)
We introduce credit frictions motivated by moral hazard in a general equilibrium model of international trade with two dimensions of heterogeneity and endogenous investments. Firms' competitiveness consists of capabilities to conduct process and quality innovations at low costs, whereas investment outlays have to be nanced by external capital. We show that(More)
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