Banu Demir

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  • Carsten Eckel, Leonardo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik, J Peter Neary, Matilde Bombardini, Banu Demir +9 others
  • 2010
We develop a new model of multi-product …rms which invest to improve both the quality of their individual products and of their brand. Because of ‡exible manufacturing, products closer to …rms'core competence have lower costs, so they produce more of them, and also have higher incentives to invest in their quality. These two e¤ects have opposite(More)
  • Peter Neary, Joe Tharakan, J Peter Neary, Banu Demir, Jonathan Eaton, Bob Staiger +1 other
  • 2011
This paper endogenizes the extent of intra-sectoral competition in a multi-sectoral general-equilibrium model of oligopoly and trade. Firms choose capacity followed by prices. If the benefits of capacity investment in a given sector are below a threshold level, the sector exhibits Bertrand behaviour, otherwise it exhibits Cournot behaviour. By endogenizing(More)
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