Banu C Cetin

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To determine epidemiology and risk factors for nosocomial infections in intensive care unit (ICU). Prospective incidence survey. An adult general ICU in a university hospital in western Turkey. All patients who stayed more than 48 h in ICU during a 2-year period (2000–2001). The study included 434 patients (7394 patient-days). A total of 225 infections were(More)
Atmospheric concentrations of 7 PBDE congeners (BDE-28, -47, -99, -100, -153, -154 and -209) were determined at four sites (i.e. Suburban, Urban 1, Urban 2, Industrial) in Izmir, Turkey and their gas/particle partitioning was investigated. Total PBDE ( summation operator(7)PBDE) concentrations ranged between 11 (Urban 1) and 149pgm(-3) (Industrial) in(More)
The particle-phase dry deposition and soil-air gas-exchange of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were measured in Izmir, Turkey. Relative contributions of different deposition mechanisms (dry particle, dry gas, and wet deposition) were also determined. BDE-209 was the dominating congener in all types of samples (air, deposition, and soil). Average dry(More)
Air samples were collected in Izmir, Turkey at two (suburban and urban) sites during three sampling programs in 2002 and 2004 to determine the ambient concentrations of several monoaromatic, chlorinated and oxygenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Samples were analyzed for 60 VOCs using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and 28 compounds were(More)
The Henry's law constant for carbazole was experimentally determined between 5 and 35 degrees C using a gas-stripping technique. The following equation was obtained for dimensionless Henry's law constant (H') versus temperature (T, K): ln H' = -3982(T,K)(-1) + 1.01. Temperature-dependent octanol-air partition coefficients (KOA) and supercooled liquid vapor(More)
The air-water exchange of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), an emerging class of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), was investigated using paired air-water samples (n = 15) collected in July and December, 2005 from Guzelyali Port in Izmir Bay, Turkey. Total dissolved-phase water concentrations of PBDEs (sigma7PBDEs) were 212 +/- 65 and 87 +/- 57 pg(More)
The authors compared asymptomatic hepatitis B virus carriers and healthy subjects in terms of their psychological state. Participants (43 asymptomatic hepatitis B virus carriers and 43 healthy comparison subjects) completed self-report questionnaires. Psychiatric disorders and psychosocial functioning were evaluated with structured clinical interviews and(More)
Octanol-air partition coefficients (K(OA)) for 7 organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) were determined as a function of temperature using the GC retention time method. Log K(OA) values at 25 °C ranged over two orders of magnitude, between 8.32 (chlorpyrifos) and 10.48 (methoxychlor). The determined K(OA) values were within a factor of 0.5 (endosulfan sulfate) to(More)
  • Banu C Cetin
  • Environmental science and pollution research…
  • 2014
Air pollutants are transported by dry deposition, wet deposition, and gas exchange accumulated in soil. Therefore, soil is an important environmental medium reflecting the level and the spatial distribution of air pollutants such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and heavy metals. Soil concentrations of seven PBDE congeners and 21 trace elements(More)
Istanbul, one of the mega cities in the world located between Asia and Europe, has suffered from severe air pollution problems due to rapid population growth, traffic and industry. Atmospheric levels of PAHs and PCBs were investigated in Istanbul at 22 sampling sites during four different sampling periods using PUF disk passive air samplers and spatial and(More)