Banny Banerjee

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Mobile devices are a promising channel for delivering just-in-time guidance and support for improving key daily health behaviors. Despite an explosion of mobile phone applications aimed at physical activity and other health behaviors, few have been based on theoretically derived constructs and empirical evidence. Eighty adults ages 45 years and older who(More)
This article explores the links between agency, institutions, and innovation in navigating shifts and large-scale transformations toward global sustainability. Our central question is whether social and technical innovations can reverse the trends that are challenging critical thresholds and creating tipping points in the earth system, and if not, what(More)
Interventions for behavior change in domestic energy consumption rely critically on energy usage data. To obtain this data, collection systems must be established. Pervasive sensing systems enable such monitoring, but populating homes with sensors is challenging. We offer an alternative to feedback approaches that depend on the assumption that users are(More)
BACKGROUND While there has been an explosion of mobile device applications (apps) promoting healthful behaviors, including physical activity and sedentary patterns, surprisingly few have been based explicitly on strategies drawn from behavioral theory and evidence. OBJECTIVE This study provided an initial 8-week evaluation of three different customized(More)
Named for the combination of the words DJ and Jamming, the DJammer allows its users to manipulate their music using standard DJ techniques as well as interact with others in virtual jam sessions through the exchange and sharing of multiple music streams. In this paper, we describe the evolution of the DJammer including the interactive process and evaluation(More)
Behavior change represents an important new approach to addressing the energy crisis. Utility companies and private companies are deploying sensor-based power meters and related residential electricity monitoring technologies with the view that monitoring energy use will eventually result in a reduction in energy consumption. The success of these(More)