Bankim Patel

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Recommendation system provides the facility to understand a person's taste and find new, desirable content for them automatically based on the pattern between their likes and rating of different items. In this paper, we have proposed a recommendation system for the large amount of data available on the web in the form of ratings, reviews, opinions,(More)
DNA Sequences making up any organism comprise the basic blueprint of that organism so that understanding and analyzing different genes within sequences has become an extremely important task. Biologists are producing huge volumes of DNA sequences every day that makes genome sequence database growing exponentially. The databases such as EMBL, GenBank(More)
To understand a language, analysis has to be done at word level, sentence level, context level and discourse level. Morphological analysis comes at the base of all, as it is the first step to understand a given sentence. One of the tasks that can be done at morphological level is stemming. To identify the stem term of a given word is stemming. Stemming is(More)
Path completion is a critical and difficult task in the preprocessing phase of web usage mining. We mold the data preprocessing phase to accomplish our goal to mine websites designed using a content management system (cms). The data preprocessing phase includes data cleaning, user identification, session identification, site structure and link details(More)
The genome of an organism contains all hereditary information encoded in Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). Molecular sequence databases (e. g. ,EMBL, Genbank, DDJB, Entrez, SwissProt, etc) represent millions of DNA sequences filling many thousands of gigabytes and the databases are doubled in size every 6-8 months, which may go to beyond the limit of storage(More)
Resveratrol derivatives are of interest as inhibitors of cyclo-oxygenase-2 and as antiinflammatory agents. The prenylated resveratrol derivative 4-(3-methyl-but-1-enyl)-3,5,3',4'-tetrahydroxystilbene was purified from fungally infected peanuts by thin layer chromatography and its structure was confirmed by mass spectrometry.(More)
In this paper, authors have introduced the new terminology Agriculture Intelligence for agricultural business. Authors have shown the current trends of the Agri-Business concept using Intelligence, limitation of current Information Technology in the domain of agriculture and try to overcome the same. Authors have also proposed architecture model. Such(More)
Software Design Patterns (DPs) have been recognized as very important and useful in real software development since they provide an elegant way of getting around problems that often occur. Researcher has built an ITS known as Human Knowledge Discovery Agent System-HKDA, which provides adaptive learning environment for the students by providing personalized(More)