Bankat M. Patil

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A wide range of computational methods and tools for data analysis are available. In this study we took advantage of those available technological advancements to develop prediction models for the prediction of a Type-2 Diabetic Patient. We aim to investigate how the diabetes incidents are affected by patients’ characteristics and measurements. Efficient(More)
The prediction of burn patient survivability is a difficult problem to investigate till present times. In present study a prediction Model for patients with burns was built, and its capability to accurately predict the survivability was assessed. We have compared different data mining techniques to asses the performance of various algorithms based on the(More)
The use of data mining approaches in the domain of medicine is increasing rapidly. The effectiveness of these approaches to classification and prediction has improved the performance of their systems. These are particularly useful to medical practioners in decision making. In this paper, we present an analysis of prediction of the survivability of the burn(More)
In this study a new approach to generate association rules on numeric data is proposed. It has been observed that equal binning techniques are not always useful to convert numerical data into categorical data, specifically in medical data. The proposed approach utilise a modified equal width binning interval technique to discretise continuous valued(More)
People usually travel to the same destination and same purpose together with the other people in groups.Inferring the travel purpose of passenger groups help us to better understand passengers and bring meaningful changes for personalized travel service.First we construct cotravel network by extracting social relations between passengers from their(More)
People in today's world get affected by many diseases that do not have a complete cure. The development of one disease may lead to various other complications. One such disease is Type-2 Diabetes. It is a global health problem. This is the most common type of diabetes usually developed at the age of 40 and older. This increases the risk factors like(More)
In this paper, we compared Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing protocol(GPSR), a position-based routing which forwards a packet to an immediate neighbor, a greedy mode with Geocross, an event-driven geographic routing which removes cross-links dynamically to avoid routing loops in urban vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET), where the Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR)(More)